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Monday - Friday: 1pm - 1am.  |  Weekends: By Advanced Requests Only


First Contact

I am excited for us to finally meet! Completing my reservation form is simple and easy.  Providing as much information as possible will allow me to feel comfortable in making your acquaintance and accelerating our date. This way, when we meet, we will be able to get to know one another because we will have already gotten the details out of the way.  Discretion is of utmost importance to me as I know it is to you. That is why all of your information will always be held in complete confidentiality.



I believe in personally managing my schedule so response to your inquiry might not be instantaneous though I do check my email throughout the day. Once your information is verified, I will provide you with my contact information. I will confirm our date 24 hours in advance.



I understand that a situations can occur that are beyond your control and might trigger a cancelation. However, as a professional, my schedule is equally important to me as yours is to you. Please be respectful of my time and contact me by telephone at your earliest possible convenience if  canceling or re-scheduling our engagement is necessary.